Quiz: Do you know the Loop 202 South Mountain?

Test your knowledge of the facts and figures behind the South Mountain Freeway!
Crews had to move 13.5 million tons of earth for the project. That's enough to fill the Cardinals' home at State Farm Stadium how many times?
To build the freeway, 120 of these animals had to be safely relocated.
Included one being built at 32nd Street, how many interchanges with local roads does the South Mountain Freeway have?
How many tons of asphalt were used for paving the South Mountain Freeway?
How many desert plants, such as saguaros and palo verdes, were safely removed from the construction area and then replanted along the freeway?
How many millions of hours of work went into building the freeway?
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How did you do? Remember you can brush up on your South Mountain Freeway facts here: https://bit.ly/2YUrbCF