Which Philly sports icon said it?

You know the athletes, you know the coaches — but do you remember some of the most famous quotes said by them?

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"I'm always striving to do more. Whatever I accomplish, it's not enough. I don't get satisfied."
"They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they'd make up their minds."
"Half this game is ninety percent mental."
"I was born at night, not last night, come on — lets go!"
"I don't get disrespected. I do the disrespecting."
"You have to dream dreams to live dreams."
"Without failure, who would you be? I wouldn't be up here if I hadn't fallen thousands of times, made mistakes."
"World f------ champions!"
"The only difference between a good shot and a bad shot is if it goes in."
"Win today and we walk together forever."
"I learned a long time ago not to worry about things I can't control. Life is too short. I'm only going to focus on today."
"We're talking 'bout practice. Not a game — practice.”
"Ya gotta believe."
"I don't want to say we're going out for blood ... but we are going to be out for blood."
"For who? For what?"
Get back to training
You definitely pulled a Drew Rosenhaus and hit "next question," 13 times on this quiz without knowing the answer.
Way to go, you're almost a pro!
Nicely done.

You probably would've done better if you had two ham and cheese sandwiches instead of one, like Nolan Patrick.
Philly sports icon
Jason Kelce needs to add you to his iconic Super Bowl parade speech:

"Jason Kelce is too small. Lane Johnson can’t lay off the juice. Carson Wentz didn’t go to a Division I school. Nick Foles don’t got it. [Insert your name here] doesn’t know famous sports quotes. Zach Ertz can’t block. Brent Celek’s too old.

It’s the whole team."

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