What water ice flavor are you?

*ahem* wooder ice.
Pick your favorite fruit
Pick a summer activity
Pick an ice cream flavor
Choose a Philly athlete to grab a water ice with
Choose a place to get water ice
Pick your favorite Philly food
You’ve got a bold personality, which makes you either loved or hated by everyone you meet. Don't concern yourself with the haters and keep on being you!

A classic, you’re easy-going, dependable and always down to go with the flow.


You’re eclectic and march to the beat of your own drum. You’ve got a wide variety of friends, interests and hobbies and pride yourself on being unique.

Blue raspberry
You’re funny, goofy and can put a smile on all your friends faces. You’re always down for a good time and for a big party.
You’re kindhearted and always putting others before yourself. Your friends would describe you as reliable and loyal.

You’re well liked and pride yourself on having a large group of friends. You're always down to try new things and are always looking for your next adventure.