How Well Do You Know the Sixers History?

We've got trivia, see if you can find The Answers.
Including playoffs, how many times did Allen Iverson score 50+ points in a game for the 76ers?

A.I.'s thirteen 50-point games include three in the playoffs. His career-high of 60 points came February 12, 2005 against Orlando.

How many field goal attempts per game did Allen Iverson average in the 2001 playoffs?

Iverson averaged an even 30 field goal attempts in the 2001 playoffs. He averaged 11.7 makes per game (38.9%) and also added 7.3 made free throws per game in that epic playoff run.

Who was the 76ers' second-leading scorer in the 2001 playoffs?

Mckie averaged 14.6 PPG in the 2001 playoffs, just ahead of Mutombo's 13.9 PPG. Allen Iverson doubled them both at 32.9 PPG.

Since moving to Philadelphia, which team have the 76ers never beaten in a playoff series?

The Sixers have been unable to solve the Pistons in three meetings in the playoffs (2002-03, 2004-05, 2007-08). You have to go way back to 1977 for their playoff series win against Houston, winning 4-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Rockets moved to the Western Conference prior to the 1980-81 season.

Who is the franchise's all-time leader in blocked shots in a single season?

Bradley blocked 274 shots in the 1994-95 season, well ahead of Bol, who had 247 blocks in the 1990-91 season.

Which of these players never had a playoff triple-double with the 76ers?

Dr. J did a lot of magical things with the Sixers, but he never had a playoff triple-double. Wilt Chamberlain had seven triple-doubles in the 1967 playoffs alone.

Which player has not scored 50+ points in a game against the 76ers?

Devin Booker always seems to go off against the Sixers, but he hasn't had a 50-point game against them. He had 46 points against the Sixers back in the 2017-18 season.

Which of these players never had a 30-point game for the 76ers?

Canaan, Noel and Okafor each had one 30-point game for the 76ers. Hollis Thompson's high was 23 points.

Who holds the 76ers record for most regular-season games as a head coach?

Cunningham's 650 regular-season games as 76ers head coach are 93 ahead of Brett Brown for the most in franchise history.

Who is the 76ers' all-time leader in 3-point FG percentage?

The only Sixer to win the NBA Most Improved Player Award, Barros shot 42.6% from 3-point range in two seasons with the team. Milton is currently second at 41.3%, just ahead of Korver and Redick.

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