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Test your dining knowledge in our foodie quiz.
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What kind of cheese tops Depot's potato skins?
Which of these is not a Cibo Famous Pavlova flavour?
Who gets a discount at Leo Molloy's Headquarters?
What did Ben Bayly once vow he'd never put on the menu at The Grounds?
Whose art adorns the walls at Barbarino's Spaghetteria?
How long is a standard serve of the Apero sausage?
Which of these is not a Barilla dumpling?
McDonald's first Auckland drive-through was in which suburb?
Which of these gems is synonymous with an Auckland hospo dynasty?
Copia's Ken O'Connell had a celebrated restaurant in which southern centre?
Masu's signature fish dish is made from what type of cod?
In 1981, how much did a Cobb & Co ham steak with pineapple cost?
Which came to New Zealand first?
What goes on top of the mussels at Ozone?
If you're at No.1 what are you eating?
If you've ordered twice-baked goat cheese souffle, you're probably eating where?
What is the main ingredient in Cazador's Vishnofka?
What year did Antoine's open?
What makes the Saint Alice McMuffin so special?
The signature bao at Nanam is flavoured with what?
Where is the bread served in a brown paper bag?
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