What nickname would Kevin Hayes give you?

Pick a color
Pick an extreme sport
Pick a hobby
Pick a teammate
Pick a random item
Pick a food
Pick a Philly athlete not on the Flyers
Finally, pick a picture of Kevin Hayes
Young Beezer
Originally given to rookie Joel Farabee.

If he won't drop his album, it's time for you to step up and release yours. Do it for the people. We'll be waiting ...
Tiki Bar
Originally given to king of the chirps, Travis Konecny.

You're the life of the party, make yourself heard and find a way to get under everyone's skin. Ya nerd.
Originally given to Oskar Lindblom, so this is elite.

You're always found with a smile on your face, you lift up the spirits of anyone you come across and are clean cut with a solid fashion sense. People describe you as positive and optimistic.
Leaf Eater
Originally given to Philippe Myers ... because in the words of Kevin Hayes, he 'looks like a giraffe.'

You're tall (probably). You make smart decisions health-wise, aka working out and eating right. You've gotten the phrase, "Wise beyond your years," at least once in your lifetime.
Rubik's Cube
Originally given to Nicholas Aube-Kubel ... this nickname comes with a bonus one in 'Kubes.'

You're good at puzzles and riddles, you're up for any challenge and love proving people wrong. Finding competition in just about anything is a strong suit.
You f***** beauty
The only nickname quiz result that was actually given to Kevin Hayes by Scott Laughton ... but let's be honest, Hayes has definitely called all of his teammates this at one point throughout the season.

You're a charmer and get along with everybody. You stick up anyone who needs it and embrace your crazy personality. Chances are, you used to ref, so you know what you're talking about.
Honey Buns
Originally given to Connor Bunnaman, which is new, since many refer to the rookie as Bunny (at least that's what they do with the Phantoms).

You're almost like a sour patch kid, where you come off intimidating but also have a sweet side. People love to underestimate you but that doesn't phase you. You kill 'em with kindness.