Which decade of Philadelphia sports are you?

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Pick a snack combination
Pick a show
Pick a jersey
Pick a candy
Pick where to watch a game
Pick a mascot
Pick an iconic Philly athlete
You're ... the 70s!
You resonate with the Broad St. Bullies and Stanley Cup victories. Throw on your bell bottoms and your Bobby Clarke sweater and get down to the Spectrum!

Don't forget that roller disco party on the weekend and and making time for your Atari.
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You're ... the 80s!
Championship appearances galore! From MLB to NBA, you were able to witness two parades down Broad St. to celebrate. The Flyers also appeared in the Stanley Cup Finals three times ('80,'85,'87) while Eagles made their first trip to the Super Bowl (1980).

You probably spent most of the time listening to your walkman and trying to solve that pesky Rubik's Cube.
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You're ... the 90s!
Talk about a rollercoaster of a decade for Philadelphia sports. From the Phillies upset in '93 to a Flyers Cup Finals appearance, and not much from either the Sixers or Eagles ... this was a rough one.

At least you have a solid music taste and fashion sense. And beanie babies. Lots of beanie babies.
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You're ... the 00s!
From new stadiums to the 2001 NBA Finals, another Super Bowl appearance, the dreadful NHL lockout and of course, powerhouse Phillies team that won the World Series in 2008. What a time to be a Philly fan.

Plus, flip phones, Myspace and the power couple of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Amazing.
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You're ... the 2010s!
Ain't nothing wrong with the underdog! Thanks to technology, you were able to experience the Eagles' first Super Bowl and share the whole experience on social media. Live tweeting games is your favorite pass time after long days at school/work.

And to this day, you still curse every time you hear Patrick Kane's name because of Game 6.
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