Miss being where everyone knows your name? Take this 'Cheers' quiz

Coronavirus is isolating us all, but once upon a time there was a magical place called Cheers. Take this quiz to determine how well you remember where everyone knew your name.
On the TV show Cheers, what’s Norm’s wife’s name?
Ernie Pantusso, commonly known by this nickname, is a fictional character on Cheers, portrayed by Nicholas Colasanto between 1982 and 1985.
From her character’s debut in 1987, Rebecca Howe manages Cheers under corporation and frequently rejects Sam Malone’s advances. Who is the actor who played her?

Kirstie Alley

The Boston bar that inspired Cheers was established in 1969 and named this.

The Bull and Finch Pub

Woodrow Huckleberry Tiberius Boyd was a character on Cheers. What actor played him?

Woody Harrelson

In real life, Rhea Perlman, who played Carla Tortelli on Cheers from 1982 to 1993, is married to this actor.

Danny Devito

Played by Ted Danson, Sam Malone should have definitely married this character

Diane Chambers

Frasier Crane, a character who would eventually spin off into the sitcom Frasier, briefly married this character on Cheers.

Lilith Sternin

Who said it: “A Fruedian slip is saying one thing and meaning a mother.”

Cliff Clavin

What is the very best episode of Cheers?

“Home is the Sailor.”

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