MOTW quiz: Veszprém vs Montpellier

Ahead of what will be the 16th head-to-head between these two powerhouses, test your knowledge of the round 13 Match of the Week featuring Telekom Veszprém and Montpellier HB.
Which club has played more EHF Champions League matches in history?

Veszprém is correct. Veszprém have played 290 EHF Champions League matches, Montpellier 230.

How many EHF Champions League trophies have the coaches won combined?

6 is correct. David Davis (Veszprém) won the title three times as a player with Ciudad Real (2006, 2008, 2009) and once as assistant coach with Vardar (2017). Patrice Canayer took it twice as coach with Montpellier (2003, 2018).

Kentin Mahe is Veszprém’s only French player. How many French clubs did he play for professionally before moving to Hungary?

0 is correct. Mahe only played professionally for German clubs before he transferred to Veszprém.

Which two Veszprém players have played for Montpellier before?

Dragan Gajic and Borut Mackovsek is correct.

Who is Montpellier’s only player to have won the VELUX EHF Champions League with a different club?

Marin Sego is correct. He won the Champions League in 2016 with Kielce.

Veszprém and Montpellier will meet for their 16th Champions League duel on Sunday. How many previous matches ended in a draw?

0 is correct. Veszprém have won 10 times, while Montpellier took five victories.

Which side has won more national championships?

Veszprém is correct. Veszprém are 26-time Hungarian champions, Montpellier are 14-time French champions.

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