Weekly Real Estate News Quiz: Think You're Up On The Biggest Headlines?

From a sitcom home price cut to a big bidding war prediction, the real estate industry threw some curveballs this week. Take Inman's real estate news quiz to demonstrate how strong your talking points and cocktail banter are this week.
This brokerage announced Tuesday it will allow real estate professionals who identify as minorities, LGBT, women or military veterans to launch new franchises without paying the normal franchise fee.
Teresa Grasmick, a property manager in Denver, operates her so-called Mile High Club Chalet at four locations in the city. What is it?
In a column on Monday, Brad Inman set out to draft a new language to describe the world’s burgeoning real estate eco-system. Which of these terms did he not attempt to define?
On Wednesday, Inman reported exclusively that proptech firm Firepoint had merged with this startup.
Low-income renters are being evicted in droves for this infraction, according to Inman’s Marian McPherson.
An “intense season of bidding wars” is on the horizon, declared this CEO on Wednesday.
This film-producer-turned-developer just sealed a deal for his 20,500-square-foot Opus mansion in Beverly Hills, marking one of the most expensive real estate transactions in Los Angeles this year.
Last week, Corcoran announced its first franchise in San Francisco. This week it announced its second in this state.
The residents of Lake Wylie, a suburb in this state, recently put a 16-month moratorium on commercial and residential rezoning requests, as well as consideration of any new apartment complexes or subdivisions, thanks to overdevelopment in the small hamlet
The real-life home that appeared in this classic television sitcom got a $500,000 price cut after languishing on the market for nearly a year.
If you answered six or more questions correctly, great job. If not, keep up by reading Inman every day.