Is wound care your true love? Take this Valentine’s quiz to find out.

Are you wooed by wounds? Follow your heart—and your head—to a perfect score on this Valentine’s quiz. See if you can score 5 out of 5 and prove your love of wounds. Then share when you’re done!

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This disease state is a leg-lover, especially the area around the ankles. Favorite color: ruddy red, despite the slowdown in blood flow. Which of these is its best match?

ANSWER: C. If blood flow slows in the veins, it will collect in feet and ankles, causing swelling and inflammation, leading to skin breakdown. This is called a venous, or stasis, ulcer.

Love isn’t skin deep and sometimes wounds aren’t either, so staging is crucial. Which pressure injury stage includes partial-thickness skin loss with exposed dermis?

ANSWER: B. Pressure injury staging is compared to the appearance of an apple. Stage 2 is like a peeled apple, associated with partial-thickness skin loss with exposed dermis.

Like a secret admirer, MASD takes its object of affection by surprise. It’s hard to shake this skin breakdown, recognizable by these qualities except which one?
ANSWER: B. MASD (moisture-associated skin damage) is inflammation or erosion of the skin caused by prolonged exposure to moisture and its contents. It may result in skin breakdown with irregular edges, papules and weeping, but not necrotic tissue.
You can’t hurry love and you can’t rush to judgment when it comes to skin tears. They can be caused by shear, friction and/or:
ANSWER: D. Skin tears often occur on the upper extremities and are typically caused by friction, shearing or blunt force trauma.
If you’re truly head over heels for wounds, you’ll know how to spot the typical shape of a diabetic foot ulcer.
ANSWER: A. Holistic assessment of a patient is important to identify skin breakdown, like diabetic foot ulcers that typically present as round with calloused edges.
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