Herald afternoon quiz: January 23

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According to folklore, which of these cannot cry?
Last seen in 1986, in what year is Halley's comet next expected to be seen?
It has been announced that what pop star will be singing the theme to the upcoming James Bond film?
What bearded comic character was designed by Robert Crumb, and first appeared in Yarrowstalks in 1967?
Hamilton lies on the banks of what river?
With what actor has Goldie Hawn been in a relationship with for 35 years?
What name was Dwayne Johnson's 2003 film Welcome to the Jungle known by in the U.S.A.?
Which country suffered the most fatalities in World War II?
What Kiwi artist was never a judge on the X-Factor New Zealand?
The traditional mutton stew dish Fårikål is the national dish of what Scandinavian country?
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