Herald morning quiz: January 12

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What literary character's favourite food was marmalade sandwiches?
Lucas Till and Richard Dean Anderson have both played what TV character?
What was the first name of John Lennon's first wife?
Medusa, The Calling of St Matthew, and The Cardsharps are all creations of what Italian Baroque painter?
Leading to the deaths of millions, the Cultural Revolution was a sociopolitical movement launched by what dictator?
Uranus and what other planet rotate clockwise in our Solar System?
What Australian state or territory is the World Heritage Site Shark Bay found in?
What Olympic field event's two main styles are the glide and the spin?
How many children do Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have together?
What potentially lethal delicacy is known as fugu in Japan, bogeo or bok in Korea, and hétún in China?
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