Herald afternoon quiz: January 3

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What element tops group 14 of the periodic table and has an atomic number of 6?
Which of these countries does Afghanistan share a border with?
Doug Walker is better known as what popular YouTuber?
Who replaced Judas as an apostle after he betrayed Jesus?
In what prison did Al Capone spend the majority of his 1931 sentence for tax evasion?
What country consumes the most alcohol per capita?
Pablo Picasso is most famous for his work in what artistic style?
Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom, was born from the head of what god?
The recent film The Good Liar stars Ian McKellen alongside what legendary British actress?
How old was Mila Kunis when she was cast in That '70s Show?
Jan 3 afternoon quiz: That's a… good start?
Jan 3 afternoon quiz: Not bad, but you can do better!
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