Take Our IT Security Quiz

The threat landscape for all organizations is advancing at a rapid pace, making IT security a top priority for financial institutions. Are you using the right security layers to safeguard customer information, prevent identity theft, and protect your operations? Take the quiz to find out if you’ve taken the necessary steps to be safe and secure or if you still have vulnerabilities to tackle.

How many devices do you have in your network?
Which of the following security solutions do you currently use? (Select all that apply)
How do you manage and maintain software patches?
How often do you proactively review logs/reports?
How do you control data loss or entry into your network?
Have you ever been a victim of a virus or phishing attack?
When was the last time a virus infected your network (including ransomware)?
What types of IT security training do you provide to employees?
What features does your firewall employ? (Select all that apply)
You have taken the necessary steps to be safe and secure. Although you are a "fortress," you still face the challenge of trying to keep pace escalating cybersecurity-related attacks. We’ve found this to be a top concern for community financial institution CEOs, boards, and senior management. Having a third-party firm assess your security and provide feedback on improvements and upgrades can help you keep the bad guys out.

Sleep with One Eye Open
You have taken steps to remain safe and secure from hackers and other attackers. However, modern cybercriminals use multiple methods to breach your defenses and cause you harm. You should conduct a thorough audit of your security technology, policies, procedures, and employee training initiative to ensure you have the right security layers in place.

Caught Off Guard
Cybercriminals are aggressive and persistent. You should consider all the potential vulnerabilities and put in place proactive, layered security procedures to improve your defenses and keep your valuable data safe and out of the criminals' reach. Safe Systems can help you audit your security technology, policies, procedures, and employee training initiative to improve your security posture.