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How much of an organisation’s costs are typically derived from its supply chain?
What percentage of companies responding to the Annual BCI Supply Chain Resilience Survey suffered at least one significant supply chain disruption each year between 2012 and 2018:
The year 2011 was a year when many organisations realised the importance of having appropriate supply chain risk management, because of the economic losses they suffered, many of which were due to their supply chains. What was the level of economic losses (Per Lloyd's Insurance Market London)?
What term best describes the degree of risk that an organisation is willing to take in pursuit of its supply chain objectives?
Most observers have concluded that supply chain risk has increased over the last 20 years. Which of the following has contributed to the increase in supply chain risk?
An understanding of supply chain risk management requires an understanding of supply chain management (SCM). A major part of SCM involves managing flows that move across a supply chain. What are those flows?
The sourcing of conflict minerals from Central Africa can expose a company’s supply chain to increased governmental scrutiny and legal risk. What elements comprise what are known as conflict minerals?
Chinese wage inflation and currency re-evaluations are risks that affect a large number of participants from many different industries. Your manager has asked you to explain this risk to her since your company, like thousands of others, is being affected. What do you tell her?
What factors are likely to be relevant in developing a Return on Investment model for supply chain risk management? (Select multiple answers)
Which of the following are likely to impact on supply chain risk in the future? (Select multiple answers)

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