Mister Rogers' Mother Hand-Knitted All His Sweaters.
Fred Rogers Productions
In 1999, Mister Roger's told EmmyTVLegends.org that his mother would, "Give us each a hand-knit sweater every Christmas. Until she died those zipper sweaters that I wore on the ‘Neighborhood’ were all made by my mother.” Mister Rogers went the extra mile to give his mother her due credit by telling his audience all about her on an episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood.
Mister Roger's Donated His Sweaters
Twin Cities PBS
When Mister Rogers' sweaters became too worn to wear on the show, he would donate them to charity events.
Mister Roger's Sweaters are Museum Worthy
Smithsonian Museum of American History
One of Mister Rogers' sweaters is on display at the Smithsonian along with a pair of his sneakers.
The Mister Rogers Opening Was Always the Same for a Reason
Mister Rogers understood that children need routine in order to feel a sense of security. That is why he always began Mister Rogers Neighborhood by changing into his mother's hand-knitted sweaters and his comfy sneakers.
Daniel Tiger is Styled After Mister Rogers
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood producers wanted to incorporate important elements from Mister Rogers Neighborhood into the animated spin-off. Former producer of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Margy Whitmer said, "Having [Daniel] wear an updated iteration of the sweater and sneakers was one charming way to do that."