Liverpool FC Quotes Through the Years

How well do you remember the words uttered by or directed at those in Red?
Who was Jurgen Klopp referring to when he said: “We will wait for him like a good wife when a man is in prison.”
“We might be the little chihuahua that runs in between the legs of the horses” - Which manager said this when discussing Liverpool’s underdog status in the title race?
What part of the game did Paul Ince memorably say he loved that was “better than sex”?
Which player was Rafa Benitez referring to when he said: “I talk to [blank]…If you can understand him you can understand anyone.”
“He can hit one, ohh he can hit one” were the commentators’ words to summarise which memorable goal under Klopp’s tutelage?
What was Roy Evans referring to when he said: “Liverpool without [blank] is like a banquet without wine.”
“Last year I had a foot operation. Then my thigh went. This season I’m going to play it by ear.” – Which player said this when referring to his string of injuries?
Which legendary ‘keeper brilliantly summarised Jerzy Dudek’s moves after his Istanbul heroics with this line: “He looked like a starfish with jelly legs to me but it worked.”
Which club did Roy Hodgson famously declare was to be “a formidable challenge - there's no question about that” during his short tenure?
“The biggest [blank] I’ve seen on a football pitch” – What farm animal did the ever controversial El Hadji Diouf label Jamie Carragher?
Which manager called Klopp “a soft German” in the aftermath of a heated touchline exchange?
“There's no noise like the Anfield noise” was a phrase coined by which legendary figure?
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