Only True Tokyo Ghoul Fans Can Pass This Quiz!

Find out if you're a true Tokyo Ghoul fan. Take this ultimate quiz to which every Tokyo Ghoul should know the answers for.


Which of the following is NOT a type of Kagune?
Why did Kaneki's hair turn from black to white?
Whom of the following is a SS Rated Ghoul?
Arrange from the most powerful rated ghoul to the weakest rated ghoul
What is Juuzou's Jason made of?
What do ghouls from Anteiku eat since they don't like to harm humans?
Who is Kaya Irimi known as?
Who is Koutarou Amon's Father?
What does CCG stand for?
Which Kagune is a balanced type?
What kind of a group is Aogiri Tree?
Who's identified as The Gourmet?
How old does Touka turn after Chapter 89?
Which body part did Juuzou loose when he fought The Owl?
Which type of Kagune does Kaneki have?
What does Kaneki do when he tells a lie?
For how long can a ghoul survive when only eating one human body.
What was Suzuya's original name before he changed it?
Who is the author of the book 'The Black Goat's Egg'?
Who is the author of the manga series 'Tokyo Ghoul'?
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