Which Archetype Do You Belong to in Ëarglinn?

Ah, Ëarglinn, the academy (with its four brothers scattered amongst the Nine Realms) set in the world of Ëriann. Here you will be put into one of four archetypes (or synods), based on your personality, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Are you Shadow, Mythic, Rider, or Savant?
Do you generally like people?
How do you 'recharge' best?
A bully pushes you from behind into your lokkvalt (locker). You...
Your friend lets you know that a classmate is spreading false rumours about you. What do you do?
At the Workshop, your classmate spills Potion of Dragonbreath all over his bench and blames the resulting fyre on you. After putting it out, the professor sternly reprimands you and sends you to detention. You...
Where would you live?
Which weapon for a fight?
Which is your constant companion?
Which power?
'Only one door enter through, each according to his call; wing, leaf, tear, or scroll; come prepared or not at all.' - You enter...
Your Archetype is Shadow - synodrians belonging to this group are generally, quiet, observant and maintain a collected demeanour. Shadows may be perceived as somewhat mysterious by the other synods, and some can come across as being arrogant, insensitive, critical, or domineering. However, your keen eye and composed disposition are of invaluable use in protecting your synod, particularly when joining forces with a Mythic.
Example Archetype: The Hidden king
You're Archetype is Mythic - those belonging to this type are characteristically resilient, bold, strategic, hard-working, and courageous. Many Mythics are leaders as their strong (and sometimes daft) personality works well to unite others around them. Though a mythic synodrian can at times be impulsive, cunning, hot-tempered, opinionated, stubborn, and/or confrontational, those who learn to reign in their pride and mediate their quest for glory with humility are some of the greatest leaders known to Ëarglinn.
Example Archetype: The Noble Warlord
You're a Rider! Unobtrusive, loyal, understanding, supportive, and clear-headed, Riders are excellent team players and generally exhibit good communication skills. Others know they can rely on you for encouragement and advice. Be wary, however, that without boundaries, it may be easier for a Rider to become a pushover if he/she isn't careful; though you can sometimes seem shy or socially awkward, or hesitant when making decisions that may offend people, you know that you can work on these traits - in fact, it may help you to know that, out of all the types, your Archetype is often one of the most dependable and stable.
Example Archetype: The Diamond Arch
You're a Savant; some of your most characteristic traits are likely intelligence, a frank and perhaps somewhat sarcastic personality, and highly logical reasoning and tendencies. Generally, Savants are good with words (both written and verbal) & problem-solving. When those in this Archetype become engrossed in their studies, they may become indifferent, apathetic, emotionally distant, overly absorbed, obsessive, or perfectionistic - getting out every once in a while can help you both to counteract this and to realise that not EVERY human is completely intolerable. :)
Example Archetype: The Brusque Librarian