Which Animal Relic Would Accompany You in Ërian?

Of the Relics, there are three:
One, a companion --
One, for memories --
One, for service --
Chosen once, present forever.

Any synodrian at the Academy of Ëargrinn may be paired with an animal (one of the 3 Relics) to keep him company on his future journeys. This quiz yields your Relic based on personality.
What is your Synod? (See the Quiz for Which Synod You Are if you haven't already!)
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Winged Relic or No?
Passive or aggressive temperament for your Relic?
What is one weakness of your Relic Companion?
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Where do you live?
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Your Relic is primarily for...
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Lupund domesticus
Type: wolf-like
Temperament: friendly, loyal, playful
Strength: Companionship, defence mechanisms
Weakness: no natural armour, sometimes easily influenced, some can have short attention span
Colouring: Red, black, white, grey, brown, marble, silver
Also called: wolfhound/rex

Satyre domesticus
Type: wyldcat-like
Temperament: friendly, can be aloof at times, loyal
Strength: natural defence traits, wary, alert, companionship
Weakness: no natural armour, occasionally easily influenced
Colouring: almost any
Also called: cat
Type: reptile-like
Temperamemt: semi-friendly if tamed correctly, aggressive
Strength: scales, poison-breath, spikes, camouflage colouring, flight
Weakness: extremely susceptible to being influenced/manipulated, wings are less protected than dragon or nexus
Colouring: normally colours of forest (natural habitat)
Mavem Liltor
Type: bird-like
Temperament: extremely friendly and good-natured, witty, intelligent, playful
Strength: Companionship, musikkal, flight, beauty, resistant against mind-influence, illumination
Weakness: no natural defence mechanism
Colouring: prism, luminous (feathers glow at night/in dark conditions)
Also called: songbird, rym
Lupund Varicus
Type: wolf-like
Temperament: aggressive, territorial
Strength: dorsal spikes, some scale-plating, teeth, claws
Weakness: easily subject to being influenced, needs quasi-hibernation periods after intense activity
Colouring: grey, black
Satyre Varicus
Type: wyldcat like
Temperament: aggressive, aloof, cunning
Strength: speed, power, precise attacks, teeth, claws, some scale-plating, quills underneath fur
Weakness: easily influenced, needs quasi-hibernation periods after intense activity
Colouring: marble
(Mallox) Nexus
Type: reptile-like
Temperament: extremely aggressive and territorial, retaliates quickly if threatened
Strength: full-body scales, talons, spikes, teeth, ear-splitting screams, often has mate nearby, enormous size, wings
Weakness: easily influenced, cannot tolerate extremely cold temperatures or high altitudes, requires frequent breaks from flying due to size, is not resistant to dragonbreath, very short lifespan (~20 years)
Mavem Oculor
Type: bird-like
Temperament: wary, but if trained properly can be friendly
Strength: flight, keen eyesight and hearing, highly intelligent, talons
Weakness: no armour plating, can be flighty and moody
Also called: falcon, eagle, hawk
Lupund Koris
Type: wolf-like
Temperament: calm, steady temperament, intelligent
Strength: flight, spikes underneath fur, fangs, claws
Weakness: not as much stamina as other wolf-creatures, less protected, sometimes restless when confined
Colouring: pale blue, silver, white, smoke
Satyre Koris
Type: Feline
Temperament: aloof but loyal
Strengths: terrifying screech, invisibility at will (materialisation and dematerialisation), power, strength, flight, claws, fangs
Weaknesses: no armour covering
Colouring: grey
Type: Reptile-like
Temperament: loyal, mischievous, witty, intelligent, but friendly as well
Strengths: strong scale-plated armour, dragonbreath (the most intense sort of dragonfyre types), teeth, claws, agile, fast, long lifespan (upward of 1000 years; longest among dragon-types), not as easily influenced as other dragons
Weaknesses: small in comparison to other dragon-types, reproduces at much slower rate,
Type: birdlike
Temperament: wise, intelligent, can communicate with specific inhabitants/races, fraught w/ancient knowledge
Strengths: exceptionally keen eyesight, good hearing, flight, advanced ancient knowledge of lore/science/customs/runes (griffins can grow even older than dragons; practically like walking books actually), companionable with humans, very agile, normally travel in skulks/groups, claws/talons, not easily influenced at all
Weakness: not much natural armour, can be vengeful if offended, smaller than dragons so can only be mounted by specifikk smaller folkes and races, often proud, do not fare well in hot temperatures
Colouring: golden, brown, rare ones are silver or deep purple-blue
Lupund Morphius
Type: wolflike
Temperament: relatively calm and steady temperament
Strength: mimickery/shapeshifting, partial to starlight, fur sometimes carries stardust particles after mimicking thus giving the illusion of a soft glow, intelligent
Weakness: can be manipulated/influenced by high-complexity spells/magic, not much natural armour, less protected than some of their cousins
Colouring: almost any
Also called: mimics

Satyre Morphius
Type: Catlike/feline
Temperament: affectionate, steady, can become agitated after too many mimickeries however
Strength: mimickery/shapeshifting, partial to moonlight, invisible in feline form on new moons, ability to particalise (break apart into semi-material particles and transport quickly) and/or fragment (similar to particalisation, but through physical objects)
Weakness: significantly weaker than other catlike cousins, extremely susceptible to influence/manipulation and sleeping spells
Colouring: almost any