What Type of Firewoman Are You? Find Out Which SPRC Type You Are!

There are women all around you who have been where you currently find yourself. It's inevitable that we will experience times when we feel lost, alone, and without a purpose in this lifetime. That is why it is important to build women up from within your own circle of influence by creating a community of women on fire - women who support both the needs and dreams in each other's lives. You can do this right now by learning how to ignite your flame with The SPRC Workbook: A Guide To Igniting Your Flame, And Fueling It With A Circle Of Women On Fire

When presented with a conflict or problem, what’s your reaction?
On your day off, what would you rather do:
What would you choose if you had unlimited wealth?
The Flame Thrower

An empowering leader who turns obstacles into ashes and blazes a trail for others with every determined footstep.

The Wildfire

A charismatic and energizing force that ignites collective action and individual ambition with her burning enthusiasm.

The Fire Starter

The creative pioneer who inspires groundbreaking and unconventional initiatives that changes lives and improves the world.

The Sparkler

A gleaming fireball of joy and charisma that attracts, sparks, and highlights the brightest in all living things.

The Torch Bearer

A wise, spiritual, and intuitive matriarch who nurtures, comforts, and guides those in search of meaning, purpose, and deep answers to big questions.

The Fairy Light

A luminous pixie whose glowing presence spreads fuzzy love dust and seeds of dreams that bloom through barriers to authentic expression.

The Beacon

A refuge of hope and healing, who illuminates the world with unprecedented empathy and undying kindness.