Pick a Festival Outfit and We'll Tell You Which Music Festival to go to

Are you more of a flower crown person or a fanny pack person?
Pick a song to inspire your outfit.
Which fashion icon is your inspiration?
Are you going to bedazzle?
Pick a flower crown.
Pick a pair of shoes.
What's your signature piece?
PIck a place to post your festival outfit on.

You’re the life of the party. You light up the room, literally. You also have some interesting fashion choices. But hey, you're really unique and that’s all that matters. You also beat Coachella at being extra.

Warped Tour

You probably bought your outfit from a Hot Topic gift card your aunt gave you for your birthday, but you also have the best taste in music and are great to have a conversation with. Although, you probably won’t talk to anyone unless the conversation is about Fall Out Boy or Panic at the Disco.

Day N Night

You’re a major hypebeast who says swag a lot. You probably have a blunt hidden in your Supreme fanny pack and listen to Tyler the Creator’s album on repeat. But one can compare to you when it comes to being cool, in fact, you're completely underrated. 


You can be self-centered and probably only showed up to see Beyonce and The Weeknd. But lowkey everyone wants to have a Snapchat streak with you and all the hype about you is pretty accurate.