Which Sex Toy Are You?

Have you always wondering which sex toy resonates the most with your unique personality? Take our quiz to find out which bedroom accessory is the most like you...you might just surprise yourself.
What is your favorite past time?
What is your role in the bedroom?
How often do you jerk off?
Who is your favorite Trophy Boy?
Where is your favorite place to have sex?

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Cock Ring
Supportive is the word that is best used to describe your personality. You're able to project confidence, even if its not there, and you're always a source of boosting your friends up when they're down.
Sleeve Masturbator
Being around you is like being engulfed in a warm hug. You're always gentle, sensitive, and kind to those around you. You offer people a source of comfort and a safe haven.
Reliable is what you're known for. You always come through in the clutch and you instantly make everyone comfortable. Knowing you is like coming home, your friends say, and you take pride in being approachable and kind to everyone you meet.
Penis Pump
Some might say you're full of hot air, but there is nothing wrong with pumping yourself up. Sure, some of your persona may be faux confidence, but you exude a sexiness that people want to emulate.