Which Kink Should You Explore Next?

Trying new things can be scary, we get it! But when it comes to trying new things in the bedroom, it is best to be fearless. If you've been wondering where to start next on your sexual exploration, don't worry -- we have you covered!
Romulo Praxes
How stressed at work have you been?
Pick your favorite Trophy Boy
You are a:
How often do you have sex?
What is the craziest place you've had sex

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Group Sex
The more the merrier, right? Now is the time to try out group sex and explore yourself in the context of other people! You may find out it is your thing, you may hate it! Either way, it is time to see if the old adage of what is better than 1 cock? Two! Is true.
50 Shades be damned, it is time for you to forget your fears and try some bondage. You've been stressed and it is time for you to explore what happens when power dynamics get introduced into the bedroom.
Water Sports
It is sterile! It may also be time for you get out of your comfort zone and try new and seemingly scary things. You'll never know its not for you if you don't try, right?
Role Play
The acting bug has come for you and what better place to try it out than between the sheets. Although you may have always thought role-play was silly, you could potentially find solace in exploring different positions and experiences through the eyes of another.