What Does Your Drink Order Say About You?

We all have go to drinks and oftentimes, those drinks are exclusive to what we are doing. For example, you may want to order tequila shots during a night out at the club, but you’re quick to order a glass of merlot with your dinner or pour a nice scotch for a relaxing night in. What you gravitate towards can say a lot about you as a person. Consider the following scenarios, reflect on what your beverage choice would be in that specific situation and we’ll tell you a little bit about your lifestyle.

1. Your friends decided to take you out to the hottest new gay club. For your first drink, you walk up to the attractive bar tender and you order:
You have a first date with a new guy you met. When the waiter comes over for your drink order, you ask for:
You’ve had a long week at work. It’s finally Friday and you’re getting ready for a night in. You turn on Netflix and make yourself:
You’ve been invited to a housewarming party. You decided to bring a beverage for the host as a gift. You bought:
Your office goes out for a happy hour after work. You order:
You had a wild night out and decide to meet up with friends for brunch the next day. You order:

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Sophisticated Drinker

You’re incredibly sophisticated and think about life’s intricacies a lot. You pride yourself in being tactful and reading a room or environment well. While most people appreciate the little things in life, you revel in them.

Party Monster

You’re young, you’re fun, you know how to have a good time. Taking life too seriously stresses you out, so you prefer to go with the flow. You know how to bring the party anywhere you go.

Fitness Guru

You are most likely very conscious of your personal fitness. After all, for you, what goes into your body shows on the outside. You know how to have a great time, but you also know how to take care of yourself.