Pick a Husband and We'll Tell You Your Perfect Honeymoon

Describe your perfect man and we'll let you know what to do with him. ;)
What's the first thing you notice about a man?
What does your dream husband do for a living?
Where did you an your dream husband meet?
What do you and your dream husband do for fun?
What's your dream husband like in bed?
Which of the following best describes your dream husband?

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French Polynesia
Explore the picturesque and gay-friendly islands of French Polynesia with your new hubby. The sunsets are sure to be as beautiful as the first time you two make love as one.
Journey the bustling gay urban centers of Thailand, and then head to the beaches and countryside to spend some quality time with your hunky new husband.
Following the rainbow to the magical island of Hawaii. Fall in love all over again in paradise with your lover man.
Explore beautiful European architecture, cuisine and culture in romantic Spanish honeymoon. Get a room with a view in Barcelona and make it an unforgettable trip. ;)