How Good Is Your Dirty Talk?

Whisper sweet nothings in my ear, and I'll tell you if you've got something.
He's just inserted his cock into your ass. What do you say?
You're about to cum on his face. What do you say?
Your boyfriend looks into the mirror and says, "I look ugly tonight. I need you to give me a compliment." What do you say?
You and your boyfriend are sitting across the table from his parents at a Chili's. You lean over and whisper into his ear:
A hunk approaches you in a bar and says, "Hey, sailor. You going my way?" How do you respond?
You're about to cum inside of him. What do you yell?

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Absolute Potty Mouth
Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? You're downright filthy. You talk is so dirty that you could make a room full of men spontaneously orgasm.
Experienced Dirty Talker
You know how to push a guy's buttons. Your sexy silver tongue knows just what to say tease and please. You're one serious dirty talker.
Reluctant Dirty Talker
You may get a little stage fright at first, but your imagination certainly has its twisted and sexy side. Once you get comfortable, the dirty talk comes flowing.
Doesn't Understand Dirty Talking
Maybe you didn't get the memo. Dirty talk is supposed to be AROUSING. I'm sure you've got a great body, so maybe he's just better to let him do all the talking in bed. ;)