How Aggressive Of A FCKR Are You?

When it comes to your performance in the bedroom, we all have our level of aggression. Are you an extreme dom, zealous FCKR, standard FCKR or Zombie FCKR? Take our quick quiz and see how you measure up.
Thoughts on choking during sex
A guy asks you if you want a facial, you say
Which Kink Would You Try?
How willing are you to try new sex positions?
Pick your favorite sex toy

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Extreme Dom
Your sex should come with a warning label because you did not come to play! Harder, faster, longer, stronger, you're into taking control and owning your partner in every way possible. Sex it the way you get out your aggression, and we pity any hole or cock that tries to overcome you.
Francois Sagat **Image Of Ambassador does not correlate to result
Zealous Fucker
You show up when it comes time to fuck! You put in extra effort and always make sure that you and your partner both break a sweat. Sure, you may not be turning someone out every single time, but you're passionate and we respect that.
Abel Pirela **Image Of Ambassador does not correlate to result
Standard Fucker
No one is kicking you out of bed! You do your due diligence and are an attentive and passionate lover. Sure, sometimes things may be very paint-by-numbers (the paint brush being your cock, of course) but sometimes reliable and broken-in are exactly what someone is looking for.
Jason Genesis **Image Of Ambassador does not correlate to result
Zombie Fucker
Hon? You OK? We totally understand that sometimes sex can be passive, but we're a bit worried about you! Some of your past lays have wondered if you're a professional extra in a zombie film because you're known to just lay there and groan.
Francois Sagat **Image Of Ambassador does not correlate to result