Do You Have an Underwear Fetish?

How deep is your relationship with boxers, briefs and jocks?
What do you think when you look at these undies?
What is your preferred underwear style?
What style of underwear is this?
What type of underwear to you prefer in a partner?
Which of the following descriptions best captures the experience of sniffing used underwear?

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True Underwear Fetishist
You probably wrote your doctoral thesis on advanced underwear theory. You are truly an expert of all things undies and an absolute Andrew Christian fanatic.
High Underwear IQ
You are very learned in the ways of underwear. You simply cannot get enough sexy boy undies.
Casual Underwear Enthusiast
You're no fanatic, but you certainly enjoy a good pair of underwear. You know the basix of undies, but still have more to discover.
Underwear Illiterate
Huh? Guess you're not really into underwear. Weird.