Are You a City Gay or a Suburb Gay?

Are you a city gay? a rural gay? a suburban gay? 


Take our quick quiz and find out...

What is your ideal Friday night?
Which is your favorite US city?
Choose the activity you enjoy the most
On a Saturday afternoon you can be found
Choose a cocktail of choice

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City Gay
You can be found most often at a trendy book launch, or queer-centered event. How many followers you have on IG matters a great deal to you and you take any opportunity to dress up as a chance to take over the world. You're never not working and it shows, you're thriving.
Suburban Gay
You like a slower pace of life, but you'll be damned if you'll feel lesser than those city gays. You and your gay besties love spending your time having epic wine nights and shutting down the few gay clubs in your hometown. Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and in your town, you're Queen.
Rural Gay
You may not have many gay spaces to hang out in, but it just means you bring the gayness with you wherever you go! You're a beacon of light in your town to anyone who may feel like they need to hide their true selves or act "less gay" in order to fly under the radar. Keep doing you, sunshine.
Transient Gay
You're a gay that knows all walks of life. Maybe you grew up in a small town and now traverse city-to-city to visit all your other gay friends, but you're not tied down to one geographical location. You feel just as much at-home when you're at a raging warehouse party in Brooklyn as you are in a small and intimate BBQ. You've seen all types of gays, so the world can just bring it on.