Which Floof are You?

There are many different Floofs, take this quiz to see which one best matches your personality!
What do you do for fun?
Where would you spend most of your time?
How would you describe yourself?
What do you think about when you're quiet?
Favorite food?
Purple Floof
Purple Floof wise, creative, and practices magic. You might have bursts of creativity. Often keeps to themself, but pays attention to every detail around. Like you, Purple Floof values their time to themselves.
Green Floof
Green Floof is involved in all things on the Web. Great with technology, you and Green Floof can pin-point the location of any friend in a matter of minutes. Green Floof is also the closest relative to the Aliens.
Yellow Floof
Yellow Floof, like you, is full of joy and life. Lover of spending their days outside soaking up the sun, Yellow Floof radiates good energy to those around. Yellow Floof also loves flowers.
Blue Floof
You are chill. Blue Floof is chill too, and loves to learn new things. You prefer to spend your time learning, reading, or even crafting. Blue Floof is known to be peacefully quiet.
Pink Floof
Pink Floof loves to be pretty. Loves to spend their time online shopping and learning new style trends. You are a kind soul, and your friends note that you're always the life of the party.
Kiwi Floof
You might be a lover of chilling, and the nature of planets. Kiwi Floof loves to snack on many yummies. You and Kiwi Floof would maybe start a garden or farm one day.
Flamingo Floof
Flamingo Floof is bold. You and this Floof both admire honesty and often say it how it is. Work ethic is strong in you, but sometimes you find it hard to stay motivated.
Lavender Floof
You love to create new things, you are organized as well as peaceful. Lavender Floof has gloomy days once in a while, but it remains hidden from those around them. You might be soft-spoken.