Who is your Fated Mate? A Shifter, Fae, Warlock, Vampire or... (FIND THE SURPRISE)

If your fated mate was a supernatural, who would that be? Take the test and find out. Let me know in a comment if you got the special SURPRISE character that isn’t mentioned in the description.

Aenaluck on DeviantArt
Who would catch your eye in a crowded room?
The perfect gift is:
Where would you like to live?
The perfect nest for you and your lover is:
Choose a combination of colors:
The Shifter

Whether wolf, bear or dragon, you deserve a powerful male who will do anything to protect you. You’ll find solace in his strong arms, comfort in his low growling, and ecstasy in the fire of your passion that will never burn out. You belong to each other forever, and your love is indestructible. Your sensual bond is highly special, and his lust for you, as his fated mate, is off the charts.

The Villain

There’s something about the bad boy that both repels and compels you. Whether he’s a challenge, or deep down you’re just as twisted and unbearably awesome, you will be drawn to each other like moth to flame. The loyalty between you knows no bounds, and the passion is so strong it will never burn out. You’re special! You got the surprise character. Please let us know in the comments, but please do NOT say who it was. A simple ‘I got the surprise character’ will be perfect.

The Fae

You love beauty, fairness, communion with nature, and some secret magic may even flow in your veins. You have a profound connection to the universe. Your fated mate is a fae. In each other you will find eternal love, and that kind of passion that sweeps off your feet on first sight. You won’t be able to keep your hands off of each other, and couldn’t stay away from each other if you tried.

The Vampire

You got vampire! In each other you will find burning passion and intense love that will become part of your blood. You will become one on levels you never thought possible. The intensity isn’t for the faint of heart – you must be an ardent, ambitious personality if you got this. You and your vampire belong to each other for the rest of time. But beware – you are the only drug that will keep him hooked, and he’d kill for you. It’s not advisable to make him jealous.

The Warlock

A life of magic power, knowledge and boundless mysteries awaits you. This mysterious lover lights up your body, your soul and – exquisitely important to you – your mind. Together you will reach heights of knowledge and power you never dared imagine. Your lover will open the door to a whole new world for you. Together, you will experience love on mystical and even tantric levels.