What do your S*X Quotes reveal about you?

Let's talk about s*x. Choose the quote that represents you best, and find out what it reveals about your personality, and what makes you special as a lover.
What s*x quote suits you best?
The Storm

You’re witty and daring, adventurous and powerful. Electrifying and enjoying the new, you’re a fresh and refreshing personality, and often a challenge for your partner. You’re original and interesting. You have what it takes to keep even the most freedom-loving people on fire for you.

The Ocean

Quiet and mysterious, you may have the gaze of a fox. You observe a lot, and have gathered a lot of wisdom about love and intimacy. Your power is like the ocean – quietly dangerous. You know how to fight for your love, and you’re an opponent not to be taken lightly. You can surprise your lover in bed, and you're most probably an addictive sex partner.

The Queen of Fire

You’re all deep sentiment and flowers, but once you’ve gained trust in your partner, all bets are off. You’ll knock their socks off with your passion and fire. You’ll blow taboos to smithereens, thus bonding on the deepest levels with your lover. You have the ability to keep them hooked, always coming up with something new. You may enjoy experimenting, which will excite your partner.

The Empress
You are all about depth, and authenticity. You’re a profound, serious, and often grave person. For you, sex is an expression of the deepest intimacy, and you can’t fathom how some people can do it just for fun. To you, sex is the greatest bonding there can be. This means you can scare away partners that are not looking for the real deal. It may look like potential partners are wary of you when, in truth, they see from the start you’re high value. You're a diamond, not a trinket.