Which Bracken Point Resident are You?

You have the week off. How do you spend it?
Which of these is closest to your passion?
What pet would you choose?
What is your biggest flaw?
Choose a type of reading material.
You’re Michael! Sweet, hunky and a bit dense, you would do anything for those you love. You struggle with communication but you always come through for your friends.
You’re Jonathan! Logic drives your thinking. You constantly analyze your friends, which drives them crazy. You never judge a person, but offer support and an ear whenever you can. Your friends lean on you when they times get tough because they always know you’ll be there to support them.
You’re Samantha! You have strong emotions but have difficulty dealing with them. You’d rather hide behind an addiction or another person than deal with your problems openly. That may seem weak, but when you feel loved and supported by those around you, Magic happens. When your confidence is high, you can reach all your dreams and surprise people.
You’re Cassie! You love to be in charge. You have high expectations for those around you and can be judgmental. Underneath, you have a soft heart and want everyone you love to be okay.