Are You on Team Hillary or Team Trump?

The race for the White House is heating up and it's looking more and more like the clash of the iconic titans. If the battle comes down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, who would you choose?

How would you deal with immigration issues?
If you had to remodel the White House, what color paint would you choose?
If Vladimir Putin was your Chief of Staff, what would say to him on his first day on the job?
What are your views on tax reform?
Who do you admire more, Machiavelli or Julius Caesar?
What is the more important quality in filling cabinet positions?
How would you improve America's standing the world?
If you had to appoint one former Beatle to the Supreme Court, who would it be?
Which of the following ways would you lead the fight against cyberbullying?
If elected President, what would be your first overseas trip?
Team Clinton
You tend toward more progressive perspectives. You may not consider yourself a liberal, but you do lean to the center-left of the political spectrum. It looksl like you play for Team Hillary!
Team Trump
You're plain-speaking, pretty conservative, and walls don't scare you: you're a Trump guy (or gal)...this is gonna be HUUUUUGE!!

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