How Crazy Are You Really?

Are you normal or nutty? Take our short quiz to find out if what your friends keep saying about you is really true.

Would you drive this vehicle?
What are your views on tattoos?
Would you live here?
Who would be your ideal mate?
What would you look for in an ideal job?
What is your main life's goal?
How do you handle rejection?
Would you ever do something like this?
20% Insane
You might be a little wacky, but basically you've got your feet on the ground. You're a fun date, too.
40% Insane
You tend to make rational decisions most of the time but now and again you let the cray-cray come out. If someone says oneĀ beer you'll take two, thank you very much. You know how to keep the party going.
80% Insane
It's no stretch to say that next to you, Kanye West is Mother Teresa. You're a bad boy, or one crazy lady, but in a manageable way. You might be out to lunch most of the time, but at the end of the day you know when to step back in line with reality.
100% Insane
Let's face it, you are totally nuts. Not even the NYPD could stop you once you get going. Your radical tastes in food, music and almost everything else makes you something of an oddity but we won't go far as to say your level of insanity is unprecedented. We will say that despite everything your coco loco side definitely keeps things interesting.

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