Which 'Kissing Booth' Character Would You End Up With?

Is Jake or Lee your OTP? Take this quiz and find out!
Pick an object that speaks to you.
Your best trait is...
Which of these celebrities would you like to kiss?
What do you like do to on weekends?
You're on a date in a fast food restaurant — what do you order?
Which of these places would you like to visit the most?
Elle Evans
If you're looking for a partner that's always there for you, then Elle is your girl! Elle is the kind of person who always values love and friendship. She isn't afraid to defend a person that's important to her.
Lee Flynn
A person who always sticks to his promises, Lee values loyalty and commitment in a relationship. He sticks to his standards and values every person in his life, whether it's a friend or a girlfriend.
Noah Flynn
He may look cold on the outside but this cutie is ready to fight for the person he loves. Often misunderstood, Noah is ready to prove that he's a person that's loyal and honest to the person he's in a relationship with. He values trust, so he makes sure not to break it.
Marco Valentin Peña
He's probably the guy your mother wants you to date. Marco's charming personality will have you falling for him right away. He's the kind of guy that's not afraid to express himself, especially when it comes to relationships.